Next Level Websites

At the core of our business is designing and building beautiful responsive websites.

Not all websites are created equally and we believe it’s both what’s the inside and outside that counts. It’s our mission not to overcomplicate but at the same time our responsive websites are built on cutting edge technology so they can drive the best result for your business. This is why they’re feature rich as standard, whilst remaining highly cost effective.

We offer a free 1 hour website consultation which we can run remotely or face to face if you’re in the Bay Of Plenty area. Following this, we’ll be able to put an estimate together quickly that will keep you smiling.

Here are a couple of features we package up in every website project and call standard…

Mobile Responsive

Your web presence needs to be amazing everywhere your customers are.  Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile – we’ll optimise for the latest devices and a lot of the old ones too.

Search Friendly

As well as looking great to the human eye, our websites are also built for Google and other search engines meaning more traffic to your website and more sales out the door.

Baked-In Analytics

We’ll integrate Goolge Analytics into your website so you can see how it’s tracking in real-time.  Referral traffic, bounce rate, unique visits – we’ll also help translate the jargon.

Cloud Hosting

Less to do with the weather and more about the super quick performance and robust security and reliability that our Cloud Hosting will deliver.  We’ll also automate back-ups & watch for security threats 24/7.

Content Management

One thing is for sure, if your website remains static people will stop visiting.  We’ll set you up with state of the art tools to keep content fresh &  visitors engaged.  And of course we’re only a call away if you need help.

Google Maps

Ever been frustrated not being able to find a business address and/or contact details online?  We’ll make your location highly visible in Google so potential customers can find your business easily.

eCommerce Solutions

To get you selling online quickly, safely and hassle free.

Regardless of whether you have a few products or thousands we can deliver super slick and cost effective eCommerce solutions. We package up all the great features as per our standard websites, with the addition of everything you need to sell online. Brilliant storefront, flexible product pages, secure payment gateway and all the data and analytics you’ll ever need to maximise sales.

Sure, it costs a little extra to for us facilitate selling online compared to building a standard website.  That’s just because there’s a whole lot more going on behind the scenes with eCommerce so we can offer your customers a seamless, enjoyable, and secure experience to ensure they come back for more.

To keep costs to a minimum we leverage some great technology that’s available at very reasonable cost in the marketplace.  This means we don’t need to develop your store from scratch but at the same time your store will still be highly configurable in almost every way to match your needs.

The exact dollars really depend on your requirements.  Things like, how you want your shop to look, how many products you have, whether you have existing branding and imagery etc etc.  If you’d like an estimate just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

There has been a quantum leap in online security since the days when people felt like they were taking a gamble punching in their Credit Card details online.  These days more and more people are buying the odd item from Amazon or ASOS which then arrives in a couple of days from halfway across the other side of the world.   If you’re a retailer, this could either be really exciting or down right terrifying… but as they say, if you can’t beat them join them.

We’ll spare you the technicalities but it’s safe to say that we ONLY use eCommerce platforms that regard security as their number one priority.  We can even integrate with trusted third party payment gateways like PayPal to give extra comfort to the most security conscious customers.

Yes, usually.

There are instances where it would make sense to retain your existing website presence and simply bolt on an eCommerce solution.  For example, if you’ve invested some big dollars in your website and it’s well optimised for search already.  In other instances, it may actually be more cost effective to start from scratch.  It really just depends and we can easily assess your situation and tell you straight.

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