Not just any content, but content for eyes on digital channels

There’s no place for staying still in the digital world and content is no exception.  In fact, many would argue that fresh, informative and engaging content is the biggest online asset available regardless of channel.  We tend to agree.

See below for more information of some of the specific content related services we offer.  How we work is totally up to you.  Nothing is too micro so if you’re under the pump and just need some help developing that overdue eDM or giving your website content a freshen up, we’d love to help.  Come on, the Search Engines will thank you for it.

Copywriting / Production

Copywriting, script, scribing, word-smithing… whatever you know it as, rest assured it’s critical to nail your copy across digital channels.  At the core of our strategy is developing content that is clear, concise, interesting and engaging.  We don’t always get it perfect first time around so we crunch the numbers and tweak it until it’s just right.

Take that last eDM you sent for example, did you really spend the time to review the metrics and based on what you learned, make the next campaign a whole lot better?  If so, bravo.  If not, it’s likely there are some real gems of info hiding in that data just waiting to reveal some insights that we can help you put into action.

Content Management (CMS)

Drupal, WordPress, EPiServer.. the list goes on, and on.  In case you don’t know (or care to know) these are applications for managing content effectively on the web which are commonly known as “Content Management Systems”. CMS for short.

Long regarded as being a dull task, Content Management can seem arduous but it’s doesn’t need to be.  You need to know your CMS inside out in order to reap the many benefits including search optimisation, effective usability, leveraging (and customising) pre-built templates and seamless integration with your analytics – just to name a few.

We’ve published more pixels, pages, posts and PNGs that we can recall across these platforms. If you need assistance with Content Management or training your staff on how to use your CMS effectively we can help.

Content Marketing

Nice, now we’re getting more strategic.

Content Marketing is a technique that involves creating targeted content for a particular segment’s needs. It’s really about selling without selling if you will.  It’s the process of convincing the reader in various ways that it’s the right choice while they are digesting the content.  Obviously to achieve this, a fine balance of informative, relevant, and fun content needs to be consumed in the right way and typically this is done across multiple marketing channels such as web, social, email etc.

We’d love to assist you plan and drive a successful content marketing plan.

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